Herbert S. Dordick Dissertation Award


CAT received  22 submissons.  There were three reviewers, one from Asia, the other from the USA.  In the first round we identified which candidates got at least two mentions for possible "Top Four" consideration.  Then we did a second round in which 7 candidates identified from round one were specifically ranked by each judge from 1 to 4.  In analyzing these results, which came in today, I computed the average rank and identified The Top Four with two Honorable Mentions.

1st place:  Robert Shota Tokunaga, "Engagement with Novel Virtual Environments: The Role of Perceived Novelty in the Development of the Deficient Self-Regulation of Internet Use and Media Habits." dissertatoncompleted at U of Arizona, USA now at U of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
2nd place: Ericka Menchen-Trevino, “Partisans and Dropouts: News Filtering in the Contemporary Media Environment” dissertaton completed at Northwestern U, USA, now at Erasmus U Rotterdam, Nehterlands.
3rd place: Jessica Vitak, "Keeping Connected in the Facebook Age: The Relationship Between Facebook Use, Relationship Maintenance Strategies, and Relational Outcomes," dissertation completed at Michigan State U, USA now at U of Maryland, College Park, USA.
4th place: Aaron Shaw, "An Interactional Account of Online Collective Action," dissertation completed at U of California, Berkeley USA, now at Northwestern U, USA.
Honorable Mention:
Brooke Foucault Welles,  "A Multi-Theoretical, Multi-Level Investigation of the Structure of Social Relationships in Virtual Worlds," dissertation completed at Northwestern U, USA, now at Northeastern U, USA.
Anders Olof Larsson,"Doing Things in Relation to Machines: Studies on Online Interactivity," dissertaton completed at Uppsala U, Sweden, now at U of Oslo, Norway.

Frederick Williams Prize for Contributions to the Study of Communication Technology


“For the work he has done to institutionalize many ways that we study and research communication technology” – Bob LaRose, Michigan State U, Williams Prize Committee Chair

Winner: William H. Dutton

  • Founder, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Editor: Information, Communication & Society
  • PI: Oxford e-social science project
  • Chair: Ofcom Advisory Committee
  • Wired Cities, ICT Visions & Realities
  • Handbook of Internet Studies

Top Faculty Paper Awards


  1.  “Cognitive Dimensions of Media Multitasking” by Zheng Wang, The Ohio State U; Matt Irwin, The Ohio State U; Cody Cooper, The Ohio State U; Jatin Srivastava, The Ohio State U
  2. “The Warranting Value of Online Relationship Status Disclosure: An Indicator of Real World Relational Characteristics” by Cameron Piercy, U of Oklahoma; Brianna Lane, U of Oklahoma; Caleb Carr, Illinois State U
  3. “How Individuals Cause Hyperpersonal Effects in CMC: Expectations, Malleability, Efficacy, and Channel Interactions” by Stephanie Tong, Wayne State U; Joseph Walther, Michigan State U

Top Student Paper Awards


  1. “Profiling Opinion Leaders in Twitter Discussion Network: The Case of the Wisconsin Recall Election” by Weiai Xu, SUNY-Buffalo; Stacy Blasiola, U of Illinois – Chicago; Yoonmo Sang, U of Texas at Austin
  2. “Online social influence: Past, present and future” by Young Ji Kim, U of Southern California
  3. “The impact of anthropomorphic cues on personalized health assessment users’ privacy concern and intention to disclose” by Yerheen Ha, Pennsylvania State U; Tara Traeder, Pennsylvania State U; Jessica Ruiz, Pennsylvania State U